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A safe construction site

The purpose of the interactive e-learning, ”A safe construction site” is to increase the knowledge and awareness about
risk management, attitudes and rules to reduce the number of incidents.

During one hour, we will see how the people work on the construction site and follow as they face different risky situations in the daily business. As spectator and participant, our own knowledge and insight is put on trial. During the education, we will see how the work and insight are changed and will make the persons more aware of both risks and attitudes. The e-learning “A safe construction site” is a joint venture where member companies, union and employer organizations within the building- and construction sector have cooperated along the complete process.



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  • Time needed: 1 h
  • >Miscellaneous: After you have completed the e-learning and passed the test, your certificate will be registered in the ID06 database for competence. If you do not approve of registration, please check www.id06kompetensdatabas.se for further action how to unsubscribe. Contact support.webbutbildning@sverigesbyggindustrier.se for further help.
  • The e-learning is for free!
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